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Videos Tutorials

Videos Tutorials

Discover our technologies directly from your desk and learn more about our capabilities

SIMOGGA Layout Design

A graphical LEAN tool to visualize, quantify and optimize factory layout design based on global flow analysis (All our videos)


An advanced planning and scheduling software to visualize, quantify and optimize your production (all our videos)

SIMOGGA Analytics

A visual simulator to analyze your data, give a visual representation and guide you to optimize the warehouse (all our videos)

Production – SIMOGGA Layout Design and SIMOGGA Planner

Start with the visual booklet 

… or read the  online

Getting Started with SIMOGGA

Discover how to build a new case, optimize the flows, analyze the capacity (with material and human resources) and find/remove bottleneck to achieve the production

A complete use case with SIMOGGA

Discover how to use different functionalities of SIMOGGA from the data, the flow analysis until simulation (capacity and bottleneck detection)

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Warehouses – SIMOGGA Analytics

Tutorial 1: Layout, rows and alleys

This video shows how to create a new layout in SIMOGGA Analytics with the different rows, shelves, and stock locations through an import from excel.

Tutorial 2: Stock locations

After having designed the warehouse, defining the stock location with different templates of shelves.

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