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Operational Excellence and Lean training

Sharing our expertise to enhance your key collaborators is part of our philosophy.

Our tailored learning programs, courses and workshops address operational challenges. Its focus is to enable clients to apply appropriate methodologies to support operational excellence.

Here are some examples of extensive trainings we have been providing:

  • Lean methodologies
  • Cellular manufacturing
  • Quick Response Manufacturing
  • ISO standards
  • (Whatever your need. If we have the expertise, we will train you.)
Solution training

Have you identified a recurrent problem in your planning or layout? Are you willing to put the full potential of SIMOGGA to use?

In this case, we will thoroughly analyze your problem, build a case and train you on how to use SIMOGGA on a regular basis to solve any inefficiency.

In two days only, our consultants transfer their know-how to enable you to build your own solving and optimizing capabilities.


QRM University:  KPMG :

Let’s start learning?

Our consultants are awaiting your enquiries to start preparing their slide decks and workshops to get your team to the next level. Send us your requirements!
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